Thank you thank you’s pt.1

Published May 25, 2014 by CiiEnRed

amazing blogger,indeed!


To you and to you and to you.

First on my thank you list!
All the people who’s pulling and pushing me down. Thank you guys for existing! To all the peeps up there who’s pushing me down, giving me all the weight at my shoulder, big thank you to all of you! with that, i have a very strong shoulders and triceps for me to carry and to conquer all those problems! To all the peeps down there who is pulling me down. Thanks too! Biceps are on fayyrahh! I’ll be using this to help out some people down there who wants to learn, grow and who is willing to Live and tell His story! You know what At first i super hate all of you, but now.. I’m loving you even more! Thank you for telling me how much i suck at this and that. Thank you…

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Published November 2, 2013 by CiiEnRed

take my heart this is the moment….i’m moving closer to you…..moving closer..closer to yoooouuuuu……….



#iloveyouJIVOYNZONGUSTO!!!!!!!!!!!!TO THE MOON AND BACKKK!!!!!!!

Published November 2, 2013 by CiiEnRed

masarap mag mahal…oo…


       pero minsan kasi….masakit din pag na laman mong may iiba pala sya…grabe…..ansakit sa puso…



         yung parang ansarap nyang gawan ng story at ipag compose ng song???  shit ka Jivo!!!!love at first sight?? ugh!!!!its breaking me…Killing me even….I hate this feeling…why cant you love me the way I love you….


    I miss you so much…..  I LOVE YOU>>>>TIMES INFINITY… I hope someday i’ll be your girlfriend…your wife even… haaaaaaahhhh…. I wanna be that girl in your future….



Published February 11, 2013 by CiiEnRed

    yung feeling na naiwan mo ung notebook mo ….tapos magsususlat k n ulit ng assignment n sobrang haba……then biglang may sisigaw….






    boooommmmm!!!!!!!!!nays wan!!!tnx s sumigaw!!!